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The Huffington Post published a list of the ten most creative Instagram accounts. Five of them publish from Portugal. We know who are their authors.

Decorate these names: Luís Octávio Costa, Teresa Freitas, Daniel Cerejo, Subhashini Lisbon and Manuel Pita. Or should we write: @kitato, @teresacfreitas, @dcerejo, @wandson and @sejkko. These are the names/users/alter egos of five Portuguese selected by The Huffington Post for the list of the most creative instagrammers. To be rigorous, here are five Portuguese, but rather four Portuguese and Subhashini, Brazilian living in Oporto. When asked about his rib lusa, Subhashini to rhyme: “my nickname is Lisbon and not for naught.”

It may seem exaggerated to consider them the best in the world, but the truth is that the reason that led to the The Huffington Post justifies the statement. But first things first The selection was made in collaboration with the Huntgram, an application that works as a kind of curator of Instagram and which was launched in November last year after two Argentines, Lucas Warat and Agustin Gotlib, having travelled for over 50 countries to meet the authors of the most original Instagram accounts. An Odyssey which formed the campaign for the release of the application in which the Argentines donned the skin of Julius, a Foxy shy, which recorded his conviviality with these creative through images like this one, taken at Serralves in Porto acquire followers for your social network accounts.

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The first photograph published in Lisbon Subhashini Instagram — there are 228 weeks — divined the future: a small Notepad, designed within an iPhone screen. Since then, and until you reach the time when white wall begins to be faithful companion on the images, it’s been almost three years. Toys, however, always been there. “The fun fact is that, when I was younger, I hated making clothes. When making a toy, my day was done, “explains Subhashini on the obsession with Woody or Buzz Lightyear, Toy Story, or even by these classic Lego heads. If you are looking to buy instagram followers you should follow our advice and visit this official website.

The truth is, the record more than 20 thousand followers, there’s no shortage of people who want to offer toys. In this respect, Subhashini quips, “whoever is reading this, please, my address is …”. The childlike look with giving new functions to objects, toys, fruits and even her own friends brings you many collaborations. The next one will be unveiled this Thursday, February 26, in a music video created with the D’alva.

“I took a picture of the sea on a rainy day and I didn’t know what to do. A few days later I took another to a cup of coffee and also didn’t seem enough. Until someone, in conversation, told me ‘ you’re creating a tempest in a teapot ‘ and I thought I’d join the two. ” It was from here that began making montages buy instagram followers — or draw over the top of the photographs — which passed to convey a more idiosyncratic and mysterious: “my Gallery is in fact the world of my dreams or my Wonderland.”