The best VPN services in 2016

Today we will analyse the best VPN services available in 2016 and their features

The best VPN services in 2016

Not only the US version is a popular destination of VPN users. Also the US YouTube offers much more than Google’s video portal in Germany. To use it, you don’t even need a paid VPN provider: the browser Opera offers a free VPN app for iOS, as well as a VPN integrated in the browser recently. Of course there are also other free providers, but they are overloaded with advertising, they offer no unlimited data volume or too little bandwidth.

The deal in the case of Opera: users submit anonymized data to their surfing habits, which are sold to companies which want to know, how the network usage evolves. So far, Google not commented on Opera VPN. Why does Opera’s service with YouTube, but not with Netflix, not expressed the company to do so. Providers such as NordVPN, that trick Netflix, sitting by the way, in Panama. There they are likely to feel safe before Netflix lawyers as Opera in Norway. The NordVPN media spokesperson without phone number and address in the email signature still like to exhibited a month-long account of journalist, wanted to not answer but ask.

The term “Virtual private network” (VPN) appears more and more frequently in the media. Companies use VPN as employees also at home on the internal corporate network access. And journalists work in dictatorships with VPN: check this comprehensive list of features created by VPNTRENDS to help you choose the best VPN service possible so you can bypass the restrictions in countries that prevent free access to the Internet, and go in the net.

Is VPN interesting for me as a private user as well?

In any case. Surfing in public networks, there is always a risk that third parties read with your traffic. VPN software ensures more security. You can install them on Smartphone, Tablet, or PC (PC/Mac). You are on the road without a VPN is the danger that even encrypted connections can be seen. Use VPN to insulate themselves. Here it is also called a VPN tunnel: thanks to VPN, network packets are completely encrypted. Each computer has an own IP address specifically associated with you. VPN changed this – a tracing is no longer possible, you remain anonymous.

You can move via VPN software on virtual servers in a completely different country. Example: You are sitting in Berlin. Actually, on a German Server, are on the way, but do not reveal your German identity. VPN provider suggest (fictitious) countries, of which simply select one. So, you give the impression that you pursue your Internet activities as in France or the United States.

What can VPN we still use?

VPN-networks in film and series fans are popular. A service such as Netflix has a significantly lower range as some in the United States in Germany. When you log in on an American server at Netflix via VPN, you have access to the US offer. For example, the well-known film service HBO can be use, even though it is not in Germany. VPN is a thorn in the side of these services more and more. But don’t worry: VPN is legal.

And very handy during the holiday. Want you abroad German television on Smartphone or Tablet stream, this is usually not possible due to licensing restrictions. But sign up abroad via VPN on a German Server, can also ARD, ZDF, etc. stream on your device.

What does VPN and where can I get the software?

VPN software is depending on the provider, easy to install, for example with the free app VPN unlimited for iOS and Android, which, however, requires the completion of a paid subscription. Since the competition among the VPN providers grows, prices fall. You often find good deals at There’s “VPN for life” often for the equivalent of 25 to 50 euros. The app Opera VPN is a free alternative without a subscription. Behind it, the developers of the popular Opera browser plug. So far, there is this app for iPhone and iPad only, but not for Android. There the free app cloud VPN is offered as an alternative.